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WEIGHT: 6000 #

TIRES: 18.4 x 38 maximum

AGE OF DRIVER: 16 years or older, under 18 years must have parental consent.

AGE OF TRACTOR: 1972 and older, no home- made tractors

FUEL: No pressurized fuels, no nitrous oxide, no oxygen accelerate, no nitrogen methanol, and no propylene oxide. Racecar gasoline, Alcohol, and oxygenated fuels may be used.

DRAW BAR: Drawbars must not exceed 20 inches in height or less than 18 inches from center of axle to hooking point. No part of draw bar may extend rearward beyond point of hook. No part of drawbar is to be attached to any point higher than the center of rear axle. Drawbars must be stationary in all directions. No clevis, absolutely no turnbuckles.

ENGINE RULE: Must be 410 cubic inches or smaller, 6 cubic inches may be added to engines that require a fresh re-bore, no engine may be larger than 416 +0 cubic inches, Must be an industry standard “small block”, no big blocks. Must be a cast iron block, cast iron heads, maximum eight cylinders, two valves, one spark plug per cylinder, Camshaft in block. The (Pump) is a Tech tool only; engines under protest may be subject to a tear down. All Pullers have the tear down option. All engines may be subject to a tear down by the COTPA Tech Inspector and or COTPA Officials as they deem necessary. The (Engine Rule) will be in effect through the pulling year 2017. Center of axle to rear of block (where bell housing bolts on) is to be a maximum of 72”

MANIFOLD, CARBURETOR: One four barrel naturally aspirated carburetor, 4150 base, 750 CFM. No predators, no dominators, no aerosol carburetors. No fuel injection, no throttle based injection. Carburetor will be inspected with a “No Go” gauge (1.400” top and 1.700” bottom. All intake manifolds can be low-rise type. No tunnel-ram, no sheet metal/ aluminum intakes, no casted sheet metal type, no welded manifolds allowed. Headers must exit in an upward direction.

IGNITION: All ignitions must use a MSD model 6AL or 7AL-2 system with an RPM limiting chip. Tech inspections performed by using MSD model 89952 RPM Module/Chip Tester.

Engine RPM-
1) Tractor engines will have an 8000 maximum RPM limit.
2) Tractors must use an MSD model 6AL or 7AL-2 system with chip limiter.
3) Boxes must be easily accessible for officials to tech.
4) Boxes may not be tampered/ modified. Rivets must be original. If you drill a rivet out, you will have to buy a new box. If factory sealant/ sticker is broken, a new box is mandatory.
5) Only the wiring per MSD’s wiring diagram is allowed, and must be plainly visible. No other wires may be attached to any of the MSD factory wires other than as specified per MSD’s wiring diagram.

HOOD, GRILL, TRANSMISSION, REAR END, AXLE: All Sheet metal to include Hood, Grill, Fuel Tank, (if part of sheet metal) Side metal, and Screens must be for that make and model and must maintain original dimensions in all directions (width, height and depth) but could be moved forward a maximum of 8 inches as a complete unit/assembly. Sheet metal upgrades are allowed, but must not cross the original manufacturer’s lines, for example, Oliver rear ends must only use Oliver sheet metal, John Deere rear ends must only use John Deere sheet metal, Cockshutt rear ends must only use Cockshutt sheet metal, etc. Sheet metal must be 1972 or older and must be from same manufacture as rear end. Some sheet metal modifications are allowed contingent upon Hot Rod committee approval. Agricultural rear ends must also be 1972 or older. Bell housing and transmission may be removed if they were designed to be unbolted from the rear end at the factory. Front ends may be homemade, maximum allowable wheelbase of 100” from center of rear axle to center of front axle or manufacturer stock length if greater than 100”.

TOTAL LENGTH OF TRACTOR: Tractors maximum allowable length is 11’ from center of rear axle to the furthest point forward, including weights.

SAFETY EQUIPMENT: Helmet and fire suit, wheelie bars, ski bars, kill switches, fire extinguishers, fenders, SFI damper, SFI flywheels and pressure plates, scatter blanket or SFI bell housings, engine side shields. Drive shaft from bell housing to transmission must be shielded. Roll cages must be capable of supporting tractor and driver. No steel fans. All tractors must have wide front axles with a minimum of 32 inches between inside of tires. All electric fuel pumps must be wired to the kill switch. NO factory cast iron tub frames allowed. COTPA General Rules apply.

Technical Inspections: All Tractors must be pumped, pans sealed, and go through a complete Tech inspection prior to the summer season. There will also be random checks during the season.

Pre season inspections can be done at the Dekalb Pull at Eaton. ALL RULES WILL BE INTERPRETED BY THE Hot Rod COMMITTEE. ANY UNFORESEEN PROBLEMS OR OVERSIGHTS WILL BE RULED ON BY THE Hot Rod COMMITTEE. Hot Rod official and/or tech person has the right to check any tractor at any sanctioned event. ALL COTPA GENERAL RULES APPLY INCLUDING PROTEST POLICY Hot Rod Committee Chairperson: Nathan McCune 1-740-624-8097 Hot Rod Committee Members: Nathan McCune, Todd Cooperider, Gary Gabriel, Larry Mouser

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